Welcome to Multi B Farming.
The rural Bed and Breakfast with a wide view of the Old Country of Strijen.
An extensive peat meadow polder, agrarian managed Natura 2000 area.

There are various animals on the residential area.
Take a look at the sheep, visit the pigs, see the horses trot over the land and visit the owls in the barn. In the attic (above the B & B) we work with sheep wool.
We cordially invite you to come take a look!




Multi B Farming has three luxurious rooms.
The rooms have a French balcony, a private shower and toilet and WIFI.

There is a common living room with a view of the Old Land of Strijen.

In the common room you will find a television, a bookcase, a kitchenette and a fridge.

Elevator present.




Multi B Farming
Mieke Bouwmeester – Nortier
Oudendijk 12
3291 LN Strijen
The Netherlands

+31 6 20 05 34 73